Currently, there are 45 state-run lotteries in the US. The United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico operate state-wide lotteries as well. There are also several online lottery sites available. These websites allow people to bet on the results of a lottery draw. If you win, you will be able to claim your prize at a local lottery claim center or through certified mail. Depending on the lottery, you may be required to provide proof of identity, a copy of your winning ticket, and an IRS form.

The largest national lottery in the US, Mega Millions, is also available in almost all 50 states. This is considered the de facto national lottery game. It is also available through the Jackpocket platform. Players can purchase tickets through the website and bet on specific numbers. Buying more tickets increases your chances of winning.

Other state-run lotteries include those of Alaska, Alabama, Delaware, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, and Vermont. Each of these states offers a variety of draw games, as well as instant games. These include lottery games such as Keno, Scratchers, and Bingo. However, these are not considered official lottery websites. These are only gambling sites that allow users to bet on the results of a draw. While they may offer similar prizes, they are not the same as the official lottery websites.

The first official US state-run lottery was launched in 1964 in New Hampshire. In 1974, Rhode Island also launched its lottery. Today, RI Lottery’s proceeds go to public education, public safety, and law enforcement. In addition, a portion of the money goes to the state’s general fund. It is expected to expand to online ticket sales in the near future.

Other state-run lotteries have been around for a long time. In fact, the oldest lottery organization in the US is the Connecticut Lottery. In addition to traditional draw games, the Connecticut lottery offers several instant win games, including keno and crosswords. It has also been a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association since its inception in 1984. In 2012, the state’s website was redesigned to include Daily Lottery Games and Instant Games.

The largest state-run lottery is the North Carolina Lottery. It is also one of the top lottery sales states in the nation. A variety of draw games are offered, including Powerball, Cash4Life, and Keno. In addition to these, the lottery includes several in-house games. The lottery’s profits help fund school construction, public school renovations, and education programs. In addition, the lottery helps fund low-cost prescription programs, senior care services, and transportation services. The lottery has also contributed more than $5.5 billion to educational programs.

The Colorado Lottery was established in 1983 and offers a variety of draw games. It is a member of the Multi-State lottery Association and offers Mega Millions, as well as Powerball. There are also several in-house games that are open to residents of all three states.

The Iowa Lottery is another state-run lotterie that was established in 1986. It features Powerball, as well as several in-house games. The lottery’s proceeds are used to pay for state parks, natural resources, and problem gambling treatment.